eProspects have developed a unique portal which captures sales leads from consumers who are poised and ready to purchase a range of products and services either for themselves or for elderly loved ones, including; care homes, at-home care, home conversions and mobility & safety products.

The Sector

People are living longer than ever and the over 65s will soon account for more than 25% of the UK population. Governments have recognised the need for reform and savvy CEOs are developing new products and services aimed specifically at the elderly market for a more integrated, connected approach to elderly healthcare, finance and housing solutions.


Broadly these powerful consumers with high expectations are:

Older workers and carers: 52-69 has been identified as the peak age with one in four older female workers, and one in eight older male workers now providing essential care for an elderly relative.

Healthy retirees: A growing niche who are spending longer in retirement, enjoying better health and more disposable income than ever before. In 2019, for the first time, more than half of adults aged 65 years and over shopped online.

The elderly: The UK’s population is getting older and expansion will be most marked amongst the oldest members of society from 75 years upwards. Their voices count and they too are increasingly tech savvy.The customer journey begins online, but it’s a segmented market that needs careful consideration. The trick is to know how to unravel the layers, where to target and how to capture the decision makers at the moment they are ready to respond.

To help our clients stay ahead of the competition we maximise their budgets with scalable, efficient and profitable campaigns that deliver high ROI. We are a trusted digital marketing partner who can help to connect firms with their potential customers in a meaningful way.

Our Approach

ForLaterLife draws on insights gained over eProspects many years, providing quality leads to some of the UKs most respected suppliers of later life products and services; such as care homes, at home care, private healthcare, companionship, equity release, funeral care, home conversion, mobility and safety products.

eProspect’s 10+ years of industry experience comes with crucial sector knowledge and consumer insights. With Pyxis’ responsive, cutting-edge technology eProspects are the obvious choice to negotiate a sector in constant flux.

ForLaterLife focuses on three considered product ranges:

Care Homes: Despite cuts, there is a growing demand for care homes, especially at the higher end of the market which has been an unexpected hit with investors. Whatever the budget, choosing a care home is one of life’s most important decisions. Lead times for new residents can be long so consumers need to feel sure they’re making the best decision.

At Home Care: The coming decade will see a 95% rise in 65+ solo living. With rising costs of hospital beds and the majority of elderly people preferring to stay at home, government legislation has encouraged aging in place. This cost-effective solution is further supported by a range of health apps and remote wellbeing monitoring.

Home Conversions and Mobility & Safety Products: There is increasing demand for home adaptations and a wide range of safety and mobility products such as stair lifts, handrails, safety lighting, walk-in baths and showers, lighting and exercise equipment. And, of course, digitally connected Smart Home technology so that we can keep close to our loved ones.

eProspects media teams are expert in unravelling these multi-layered markets and our dedicated operations team, supported by our Pyxis marketing platform, deliver high quality elderly leads in real time, direct into your call centre dialler, CRM or email inbox. With a unique combination of automated and manual qualification processes we provide a scalable and profitable channel for new business.


Carers and relatives don’t want to be sold to. ForLaterLife helps prepare consumers for purchase with its warm branding and a mature, well informed voice; delivering consumers with strong buying intent who feel reassured that they’re in the best hands.


Providing consumers with an expert point of contact for manufacturers, suppliers and service providers across the market, ForLaterLife has been designed to expand in-line with our clients’ widening portfolios and the growth in demand for later life leads.

For 5 years eProspects have demonstrated a deep understanding of how to reach carers and elderly consumers who are making one of the most important decisions of their life. Call Centre Director, leading UK Healthcare Provider

Locality is of vital importance to our sales teams and eProspects’ cutting edge geo-targeting technology has delivered spot on, location-specific sales leads. CMO of Leading UK Care Home Group